Our Mission

– By autonomously transporting renewable energy derived hydrogen, we aim to create a hydrogen based society –

Focusing on the fact that hydrogen suitable for storage and transportation,  “everblue technologies” believes that an small autonomous hydrogen transporiting sailing ship can transport renewable energy derived hydrogen between major cities and remote islands.

The “everblue sailing boat”

Hydrogen transportation will be done with a fleet of boats, which number will be determined on route distance (among other factors) as well as the total amount of hydrogen transported. The current prediciton for a 300km journey, is at about 40 boats. These boats will be linked through a 5G communication network, and the fleet will be managed from a land-based operation center.

The offshore docking station for the “everblue sailing boat” would function as a mothership for the vessels to refuel and/or store hydrogen. The docking station with its hydrogen generating capabilities, will be able to take energy from a offshore power plant and distribute hydrogen to land based locations. These stations also may also be able to refuel hydrogen to electric netships in the future.

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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us:  info [at] everblue.tech